Welcome to the Janie Bolitho Fan Site.  We are gathering information on this author and the characters that she has written about including Rose Trevelyan and Ian Roper.  Even though this author has passed away her work deserves to be remembered.  There is no official biographical information available about this author. We have written to her former publishers for more information and publicity photos, if any are available. Fellow fans if you have more information about this author and/or pictures you would like to share please contact us using the form on the Contact Page.

Janie Bolitho Biographical Information

We have cobbled together a little bit of information from a variety of different sources about our favorite author. If anyone out there has more information, pictures, videos or other biographical information we hope you will share it with the rest of us.

From the book flap of “Wound for Wound” –

“Janie Bolitho was born in Falmouth, Cornwall in 1950. She has had a varied career, which has included working around the racecourses as a bookmaker’s clerk, working for a tour operator, debt collecting, and finally, working as a trained psychiatric nurse.
While on holiday in Acapulco, she acquired a nasty illness which caused her to be off work for seven months. It was during this period that her career in writing begin.
In 1983 she achieved her dream in buying a house in Cornwall, where she spends most of her time and continues to write. Her interests include reading, tennis and birdwatching.
She is married and has two children, Julian and Emma, now grown up.”

Janie Bolitho enjoyed a variety of careers – psychiatric nurse, debt collector, working for a tour operator, a book-maker’s clerk – before becoming a full-time writer. She died of breast cancer on September 27, 2002 **** International Publishers Marketing website and Allison & Busby, Publishers in UK http://www.allisonandbusby.com/author/janie-bolitho

She was born in Falmouth, Cornwall. She has a son and daughter. She divided her time between Cornwall, Berkshire and Devon. *** Contributed by Isis Publishing Co UK.

Per Janie’s son, Julian, she was born on Jan 19, 1950


Manadon Arena – has been christened Bolitho Park after local author and sponsor Janie Bolitho *** Contributed by the Falmouth Packet.co.uk Dec 11, 2003

Plymouth Parkway Football Club
Bolitho Park
St. Peters Road


She is reported to have published one book under the name Jodie Sinclair – CLICK HERE


Great Review of her work by a fellow resident of Cornwall


It’s very strange, reading a crime novel that’s set almost literally on my doorstep.

“Walking back along the promenade after a trip to the library, Rose stopped to watch the sea, standing a safe distance away from where it was sweeping up over the railings. It was a high tide, the water choppy but topped with a clear azure sky. Further down children screamed as they tried to dodge the spray but failed. A pair of herring gulls perched on the railing, their heads into the wind. They flew off, drifting into an air current until the dog that had run towards them scampered past, then they returned to the same piece of rail. “

That’s my library and my promenade, where a certain dog always runs to see off the gulls. Janie Bolitho captured my hometown, as it was back in 1999, absolutely perfectly.