Buried in Cornwall

Buried in Cornwall was published in 1999.

It is the third installment in the Rose Trevelyan series. The story begins with a loud scream that terrorizes our heroine into calling out the cavalry. Strangely, they were unable to find anyone. In the meantime, Rose has begun painting again and has found some artists friends that are willing to help her get her start. Or should I say start fresh again? All this is threatened when murderer intrudes. Rose’s curiosity is aroused once again as she is drawn into the strange world painters, potters, and sculptures. Some of the towns in this book include Newlyn, Penzance and St. Ives .

Cast of Characters:
Rose Trevelyan – Painter/Photographer
David Trevelyan – Rose’s Deceased Husband (Gone but not forgotten)
Jack Pearce – Lieutenant Detective and Rose’s Friend
Laura Penfold – Housewife and Rose’s Best Friend
Trevor Penfold – Local Fisherman/Handiman and Laura’s Husband
Barry Rowe – Stationary Shop/Printer and Rose’s Friend
Mike Phillips – Surgeon and Rose’s Friend
Barbara Phillips – Physiotherapist and Rose’s Friend
Doreen Clarke – Local Housekeeper and Rose’s Friend
Cyril Clarke – Gardener and Doreen’s Husband
Nick Pascoe – Painter
Madeleine Duke (Maddy) – Crafts Shop Owner and Artist
Stella Jackson – Painter/Gallery Owner
Daniel Wright – Sculptor/ Stella’s Husband
Peter Dawson – Painter
Jenny Manders – Model
Alec Manders – Jenny’s Father
Renata Manders – Jenny’s Mother
Angela Choake – Alec’s Current Wife
Agnes Manders – Jenny’s Grandmother/Alec’s Mother

Now available in eBook format

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