Framed in Cornwall

Framed in Cornwall was published in 1998

The second book in the Rose Trevelyan series is Framed in Cornwall. Rose has few friends and one of them is a crotchety old lady named Dorothy Pengelly. Dorothy has two children Martin and Peter. Martin lives in an old abandoned caravan by himself not far from his mother. Peter has a wife and family but rarely sees his mother. Rose loses her good friend and her death is initially labeled a suicide. Rose does not feel her death is a suicide. She, of course, begins to investigate and someone is making threatening phone calls to get her to stop. Some places mentioned in the book include Newlyn, Penzance, Camborne and Truro.

Cast of Characters:

Rose Trevelyan – Photographer/Painter
Laura Penfold – Rose’s Best Friend
Trevor Penfold – Former Engineer now fisherman and Laura’s husband
Doreen Clarke – Local Housekeeper and Rose’s Friend
Cyril Clarke – Former Miner turned Gardener and Doreen’s Husband
Jack Pearce – Detective Inspector and Rose’s Current Love Interest
Barry Rowe – Stationery/Printer Shop owner and Rose’s Friend
Mike Phillips – Surgeon and Rose’s Friend
Barbara Phillips – Physiotherapist and Mike’s Wife
Dorothy Pengelly – retiree and Rose’s Friend
Martin Pengelly – Odd Jobsman and Dorothy’s Son
Peter Pengelly – Train Conductor and Dorothy’s Son
Gwen Pengelly – Peter’s Wife
Joseph Robert Hicks (Jobber) – Farmer and Dorothy’s friend and Neighbor
Fred Meecham – Local Store Owner
Marigold Heath – Fred’s dying sister
Bradley Hinkston – Antiques Buyer and Store Owner
Roy Phelps – Bradley’s Partner

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