Lessons in Logic

Lessons in Logic is the 12th and final book in the Ian Roper series written by Janie Bolitho. The book was released in 2002.

Newly-divorced Julie Watson has everything going for her – a successful new career, her own flat, fast car and good looks. The only cloud on her horizon is a series of anonymous phone calls she has recently been receiving. And then Julie is found knifed to death. This changes DCI Roper’s investigation from chasing a harmless nuisance caller to a murder enquiry. And then other women begin to ring the station with reports of obscene calls. Now all the women are terrified – and with reason – but do they all share some common link? And then another murder is committed, seemingly right under the nose of the police and Roper is left wondering with whom he is dealing. A charming psychopath who can seduce the women away from police protection? Or someone with a reputation so safe and solid that none of the women can perceive him as a threat? Roper and his team must find the answers soon, before more bloody deaths occur.

Cast of Characters

We are still working on this. As soon as we get a copy of the book we will be typing of a list of characters for our fellow fans. Of course, if you already have a copy and would like to contribute to this page please use on CONTACT US form.

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