Killed in Cornwall

Killed in Cornwall was first published in 2002

Killed in Cornwall is the 6th book in the Rose Trevelyan series written by Janie Bolitho.

Despite being busy with a new exhibition, artist Rose Trevelyan is always there to offer her friends support if they need her; lately, it seems as though everyone has a problem to share. There’s Doreen who is worried about how her neighbor, Nathan Brown, is coping after his mother’s death; Eva who is suspicious about her boyfriend’s whereabouts; and Barry, who is concerned about his new employee. On top of that, Rose’s star pupil Joyce is fretting about her teenage daughter and her friends.

Meanwhile, Rose’s sometime boyfriend DI Jack Pearce is investigating a series of burglaries and a spate of vicious attacks on young women in the area. As secrets get shared and the crimes become more serious, should Rose betray her friends’ confidences or will Jack just accuse her of interfering?

Cast of Characters

(still a work in progress)

Now available in eBook format

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