Ripe for Revenge

Ripe for Revenge published in 1994 is the 3rd in the Ian Roper Series.

In the small English village of Little Endesley, during the hot weeks of summer holidays, the body of brutally murdered Sharon Vickers is found in the woods. She is eight years old. Jacko Penhaligon, a known child molester, is naturally the prime suspect, although he has no record of violence. The tight-knit village community wish to believe him guilty but offer up no clues. It begins to look like a spur of the moment killing, the perpetrator a passing stranger whom the police would have little chance of catching. As the murder investigation gets underway, pornographic videos come to light, a fact that directly involves officers working on the case. Other seemingly unconnected crimes take place in the nearby town of Rickenham Green that eventually lead to the identity of the killer. While struggling with the ups and downs of his own personal life and those of the officers with whom he works, DCI Ian Roper unravels a string of revenge-motivated crimes in this outstanding example of the village whodunit.

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