Buy Rose Trevelyan Series in Ebook Format

We can now buy the whole Rose Trevelyan Series in an eBook format available on Amazon Kindle. Can’t wait for my local library to get their copies. Sadly, the Ian Roper series is not available yet nor any of her stand-alone novels. We will just have to keep petitioning Amazon to have the other books moved over to eBook so more people can enjoy them.

I really love a good old-fashioned paperback or hardback book to read but now that we are living full-time in our RV and traveling we just do not have the room for books. Thus, I try to find my favorite books on Amazon or available on OVERDRIVE through my local library.

1. Snapped in Cornwall (1997)
2. Framed in Cornwall (1998)
3. Buried in Cornwall (1999)
4. Betrayed in Cornwall (2000)
5. Plotted in Cornwall (2001)
6. Killed in Cornwall (2002)
7. Caught Out in Cornwall (2003)

Amazon has all 7 of the Rose Trevelyan series in Kindle eBook format available in one package or you can purchase them individually.

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