Christmas in Cornwall

Christmas in Cornwall England could be a great fantasy vacation for all of us fellow Janie Bolitho Fans. From the pictures I have seen on the web, it looks like a great place to spend a little time by the sea. As with our favorite author’s stories we, as fans, would like to walk the streets and experience the place where a lot of her stories were featured. She still has lots of fans from all over the world and in the coming year, we would love to hear more from you! Anyone living or visiting Cornwall this holiday season we hope you will share your pictures of the area too.

Of course, we are always looking to post fan fiction, fan art and stories from anyone who knew her. Please use our CONTACT US form and we will post your stories on the website as soon as possible. We would also like to share your pictures taken in and around the Cornwall area. We still need a few more complete synopsis for a couple of the books, especially in the Ian Roper series. If you would be willing to type a few of them up and email them to us we would be truly grateful.

In the meantime please have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to hearing from more of her fellow fans in the coming year!

Author: webmistress

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