Happy Holidays to Janie Bolithos Fans 2023

Happy Holidays to Janie Bolithos Fans 2023

Happy Holidays to Janie Bolithos Fans 2023. Janie may be gone but her great body of work still lives on. The Cornwall series just got a facelife with new book covers and republished eBooks. Sadly, there is no connecting paperbacks from Joffee Books.

There are some really bright and colorful covers. It would be nice to be able to purchase paperbacks

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News Highlights For the Fans

I am finally able to find some newspaper articles about Janie Bolitho. The Online Newspaper Service I use for my historical research finally has some more years of coverage in the area of the UK so that I can find out more about the author. Sadly, the editions end in 2000. Below was clipped from one of the Evening Editions.
Janie Bolitho Sponsors Local Soccer Team

Republishing the Ian Roper Series

If any of the Janie Bolitho fans would like to help me with a campaign to get the Ian Roper series republished in both paperback and eBook editions get in touch.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to share a story or two about the author please use my CONTACT form and let me know.

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