Remember Our Favorite Stories

Remember Our Favorite Stories

The past two years we have all probably done a little bit more reading than we have in the past. Those of us who prolifically read have enjoyed most of the downtime. Now that things are seeming to look up, we are wanting to gather with our friends and family and get out-and-about more. Spring is coming and why not enjoy it?

To that end we hope you will still take along a favorite book or two to enjoy while you are waiting in line for your favorite beverage, riding the train and planes to new, fun and exciting places to visit. One of my favorite writers has been Janie Bolitho. She has never been to the U.S. as far as I know or if she did, I was probably working and couldn’t attend any of her promotional events. I did enjoy her Cornwall Series very much and am happy to report that you can get the entire set of 7 in eBook format from Amazon in the U.S. for only $19 for the set. I don’t know how long that is going to last but you might want to take advantage while you can. Click on the picture above and you will be taken right to the current eBook promo page.

Now on to the Ian Roper Series

I have been able to purchase a couple of books in the series. Of course, due all the chaos over the last 12 months I haven’t really had a chance to start reading them yet. However, I have them now and am working on getting copies of the rest in the series as soon as possible. I have 2 in paperback, 1 in large print edition paperback and 2 in hardback. I always prefer the hardback editions for my personal collections as they have a tendency to last longer. In the coming months I hope to update the details on the pages for the books I now have access to. Still looking for inexpensive copies of six of those books. If you know where I can get them please send me a note using my CONTACT US form. The ones I do have are pictured in the featured image.

I have added the Pen Name – Jodie Sinclair to her own page. Now that I own a copy of the book I will be able to read it and use it for future posts.

Jodie Sinclair Dangerous Games

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