Happy New Year and Buy More Books

Happy New Year and Buy More Books

Happy New Year everyone and we hope you will buy more books in 2021 than you did in 2020. Reading is one activity that doesn’t require you to go anywhere or do anything special. For those who like to feel of a regular book, we can order paperbacks online and have them delivered to our homes. You can even call up your local library and have them gather books for you to checkout for curbside pickup. For those who don’t mind using their smartphones, computers, or eReading devices you can also go online order your very own copies, borrow them from a paid subscription service or go online with your local library and check out an eBook or two to read this weekend.

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Happy New Year and Buy More Bookd

We are still hoping to get the Ian Roper Series on eBook as well as all of her stand-alone stories. However, if you know the family or her agent please make that suggestion. I would be more than happy to create some promotional videos and write up some posts promoting the stories for FREE if someone will just get them converted and uploaded to our favorite book retailers. If all of her Roper books are in a computer file and not just printed paper anyone could get them converted for you and uploaded for publication. Otherwise, they will have to be retyped on a computer in WORD. Again, for a chance to read all of this series I am sure there are fans out there who would be more than willing to help the family with this. Heck, if the family representative will mail me copies of each of the books I will type them up myself. Just use my CONTACT US form and let me know.

I am sure all of my fellow fans have noticed that the fan site no longer has its own domain. I had to tighten my financial belt this past year in regards to the number of websites I had and keep going. I didn’t want to give up the site itself so I created a subdomain on my web design business. I did do a domain forward on the site so hopefully, all the fans will be able to find her information once more. We do like to receive emails with book reviews and stories about the author. She does have an impressive body of work and deserves to be remembered. If you would like to help me keep this site updated and going I really could use a few dollars to help pay for copies of the out-of-print books as well as newspaper subscriptions as I am compiling information to write a more in-depth and informative biography of the writer. I have gathered some new materials for articles throughout the coming months and would like to get more.


Until next time! Keep on reading!

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