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We are still looking for eBook versions on Amazon for the Ian Roper series but in the meantime we are hoping that our fellow Janie Bolitho Fans will donate copies of the Janie Bolitho books to the OpenLibrary.org project. They are in the process of digitizing as many books as possible that are not covered by Gutenberg.org and haven’t been made into eBook versions already. Some lucky volunteers are scanning these donated books into Adobe Digital Reader format. Some are, of course, better than others. We recently downloaded another of our favorite authors books to read again but whomever scanned it didn’t have the settings quite right as the book page images are quite faded. I don’t know if that has to do with the fact that I downloaded it to my PC for reading later or the fact that I have to blow-up the images to see the letters. The online version that you read on the website template looked much better.

Both the OpenLibrary and Gutenberg are FREE to access online libraries that anyone can use. Gutenberg has only out-of-copyright books and the OpenLibrary is more like your local library. They are hooked up with the WorldCat.org that helps readers find books in libraries near them. Their tagline is “WorldCat connects you to the collections and services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide” whereas the OpenLibrary tagline is, “Open Library is an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published.” You can check out their eBook versions for 14 days. All three organizations are doing a great service and could use a donation or two from everyone who uses them. Both have extensive search functions and FAQ pages you might want to read before you sign up and use.

On the OpenLibrary we found a couple of the Janie Bolitho books, 1 Rose Trevelyan and 3 of the Ian Roper Series books. CLICK HERE to be taken to the search page we did. We mentioned earlier that the Open Library accepts donations of paperback books to be converted to digital format. If you have any of the others that you would be willing to donate we hope you will soon. The following are the ones that they already have:

Kindness Can Kill
Ripe for Revenge
Baptised in Blood
Killed in Cornwall

The OpenLibrary doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad app yet. There is one done by another volunteer but it is really just a search engine for the website. You cannot really download any of the books you check out and read. There is an Adobe Digital Reader app available but it is a real nightmare to use as is the PC version. It takes forever for some of the content to load and the pages lag quite a bit especially if you want to read it offline to save your data. Hopefully, soon someone will fix these little inconviences for us serious readers out there who cannot afford to buy their favorite books again to read on our electronic reader devices.

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