Still No eBook Versions for Ian Roper Series

We still haven’t been able to find an eBook version of the Ian Roper Series. Since we haven’t been able to find our favorite writer’s Rose Trevelyn paperback books in any of our local libraries in many years it is highly unlikely this series will be found either. We can only hope that her relatives can prevail upon her former publishers to release all of her books in eBook format so that her fan’s here in the U.S. can enjoy them. Then, perhaps, I can finally get all the pages updated with a proper synopsis and cast of characters for each of the stories.

Anyway, Yes, we are still hoping to receive fan fiction and/or fan art from any of the books that Janie Bolitho has written. Just use our CONTACT US form to let us know you would be willing to share your stories/art with your fellow fans.

We have updated the website with a slightly new look, deleted some old posts and edited some pages. We are still hoping to create a better synopsis for each of the books as well as a cast of characters. We might even be able to create some puzzles and search-a-words for each book sometime in the future. Till then we hope you will come back often, post comments, and share your stories.

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