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A Tour of Cornwall would be extremely lovely I think. I was cruising the web wondering what I should blog about and came across the Visit Cornwall promotional website. We have all read about the Cornwall in Rose Trevelyan’s universe and I was wondering if the actual place is anything like what our favorite author writes about. I mean I live in Florida so we are almost always hot, on the coasts we have nice coastal breezes but we have no mountains, cliffs or other interesting high places that might be a little difficult to traverse. The Atlantic Ocean down here is generally fairly warm until about October and cools off quite a bit here in the Northern part of the State. The Gulf of Mexico is calmer most of the time than the Atlantic and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing and what not most of the year. From the pictures I have seen of the island, it looks to be always pretty cool if not downright cold most of the year. I could be wrong about that.

Then there are all the old houses and buildings. I mean the oldest city we have is St. Augustine Florida and those have been turned into tourist attractions or restaurants. No one really lives in the oldest places. There is something timeless about some of the areas within Cornwall that you just don’t get here.

We travel all over the stay mostly in our cars, or RVs. We really don’t have a good railway system here nor are there that many bus routes to take you around. From looking at the tourism website the island seems to have a very nice public transportation system in place. If you don’t have a car you can always catch a bus or hop on the train to take you where you want to go. Oh, and the 25 ferries you have traveling around the island sounds really fun. We still have a car ferry in Jacksonville, Florida that goes across the St. Johns River taking people from the Atlantic Beach/Mayport area over to the North part of Jacksonville every 30 minutes. We use to ride over on the ferry once or twice a year just for the heck of it.

If you live in Cornwall or have visited recently and would like to share your experiences and pictures(hint, hint) we would be happy to post them here for everyone to enjoy. Who knows they may inspire someone to write a Fan Fiction Story of our intrepid photographer. 🙂

Till next time.

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