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Good evening fellow fans of a great writer, Janie Bolitho. There have been some changes to Amazon’s bookstore function in that they are no longer supporting it. We have deleted the page and updated the entire website with new links for each of the books. We do this both to earn a little money to help keep this website going as well as provide a place for fans to buy the books. We hope you will take a few minutes and look over the website to see some of the changes. Just as an FYI: each of the book’s individual page has the title of the book in a different color. That is a link directly to the corresponding Amazon web page where you can get a copy of that book.

We are still looking for fans that own the DCI Ian Roper series books who will take a little time to create a better synopsis and a list of characters from each of the books to add to the page. We are also looking to post Fan Fiction and Fan Art involving any of the books and characters to feature on the website. And, finally, if you have a story about the author and/or pictures you would be willing to share we would be happy to feature those on a post as well. This author deserves to be remembered and to have a complete website of her work.

If anyone is in touch with Ms. Bolitho’s children could you ask them if or when all the rest of the books written by our favorite author will be released in eBook format? All the Cornwall series are in eBooks and it would be really great if the rest of her books could be made available to all of her fans all around the world.

Happy summer everybody and keep on reading!

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