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We have had a couple letters from some of our fellow Janie Bolitho Fans using our CONTACT US form that I thought I would share with the class today. We love to receive emails from some fellow fans of our favorite author and hope to encourage more of you to post comments to the posts or even drop us a line. Pictures and stories about the author are always appreciated as are any book reviews/synopsis you would like to send our way.

Received from Scott on March 3, 2017
Name: Scott
Subject: A small addition to the information

Plymouth Parkway 1-2 Penryn Athletic
5 October 2002 3 pm
Match report

The game was preceded by a minute’s silence in honour of Janie Bolitho, the wife of the Parkway vice-chairman who sadly passed away in September.

Thanks, Scott, interesting tidbits and historical information about this wonderful author are always appreciated.

Received from John on March 4, 2017

Name: John F. Rice
Subject: autograph

Comment: I have a 1997 hardback copy of An Absence Of Angels dedicated to Janie’s brother Dylan. It has a signed autograph – To Joe
Best Wishes
Janie Bolitho

There are small ‘o’s above the i s in Janie’s signature, but a dot above the i in the word Wishes. Is this a genuine autograph do you know, please?

Thanks John for your email. I sent a picture of the author with her autograph that I found on the web that might help.

Received from Anne on April 3, 2017

Name: Anne
Subject: Ian Roper books

Comment: Hi – Have just finished the last Rose Trevelyan book – so sad to read that this great writer passed away, I only recently discovered her work. Are the Ian Roper books available on Amazon – I could not find them – if not please tell me where I can buy them

Thanks Anne for your email.

Received from Leslie on April 16, 2017

Name: Lesley
Subject: Janie Bolitho Ian Roper novels

Comment: Hello!
I came across a copy of Framed in Cornwall on an N.T. 2nd hand bookshelf and enjoyed it. I have now read all the series, loaned from E. Sussex libraries. I would like to read the Ian Roper series but E Sussex libraries don’t have Kindness can Kill (apparently the 1st in the series. the only one on Amazon is £51!!!!! has anyone got a copy they would sell for considerably less?

Thanks Lesley for your email. Maybe someone visiting the fan site can help you with this.

From Anne again on May 1, 2017

Name: Anne
Subject: Janie and Rena George

Comment: I have read, and loved, all of Janie’s Rose Trevelyan books, so sad that she passed away, and a shame the other series of books is no longer available.
I am wondering if Rena George (whose Loveday books I have just started reading) has taken her inspiration from Janey because the first one, which I am reading now, has definite similarities to the Trevelyan series. I always love any books about Cornwall as it is such a beautiful county, but I would be interested to hear other peoples’ points of view re these two writers

And finally from Julian (one of Janie Bolitho’s children) on May 21, 2017

Name: Julian Bolitho
Subject: Janie Bolitho

Comment: Hi,

Just stumbled across this site by chance. I am Janie’s son.

She was born on 19 January 1950 and not 1 January, as indicated by Goodreads.


Thanks you so much Julian. We have corrected the information on the main page.

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